Are you ready to turn that idea you’ve been sitting on into a reality?

We’ll show you how to develop your idea into a working prototype in just 6 weeks!


Module 1: The Idea

Learn how to conduct user interviews so you can test your idea before you start to build it


Module 2: Customer & Market Discovery

Understand your target customer and the current competitors in the market


Module 3: Monetise Your Idea

Craft your value proposition and create a viable business model


Module 4: Test Your MVP

Learn the process of creating the very first version of your tech product


Module 5: Design Your Product

Learn about UX design, how to prioritise the features of your product, and sketch your screens


Module 6: Build Your Product

Create a clickable prototype and what to look for when hiring a developer

What to expect?


Learn from Australia’s leading startup founders to help you go from idea to MVP in 6 weeks


Stay accountable to your business goals with our success team


Measure your progress with the online tracker and download all the templates and resources


Test your business idea on a bootstrap budget, before you invest the time and money


One Payment $199

Weekly $34.99

What our students say

“The program helped me to clearly define my goals, find major holes in what I was doing, pulled them apart and put them back together.
The Tech Ready Program is important for women who want to validate and develop their idea, who don’t know where to start, need structure around their business, ¬†they should reach out to Tech Ready.”

Amanda Faulkner

Alumni, Tech Ready Program

What Alumni Say

“I spent $50,000 on 3 business ideas which I couldn’t get off the ground so I didn’t want to make the fourth mistake. When I saw Christie’s program I thought ‘wow this is the program I need to take my business to the next level.”

Rebecca Richardson

Alumni, Tech Ready Program

What Alumni Say

“It’s so important to educate yourself on tech. I can’t believe how much I have learnt in 6 weeks, coming from a health background I have gained a huge understanding about starting a business.”

Kimberly Reynolds

Alumni, Tech Ready Program

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Meet your instructors

“Coming from a non technical background and becoming technical, I’m looking forward to teaching tech in an easy to understand way. I’m looking forward to mentoring the next generation of female founders”

– Ben Cochrane

Founder and Product Manager

“No matter where you’re located in the world. You should have access to tech and business education and world class mentors.”

– Christie Whitehill

Founder, Tech Ready Women

“Think big, create fast. Go for 10X better not just incremental. Solve real problems, love the customer. That’s my motto in creating products and building businesses.”

– Ben Reid

Founder of Digital Creators TEMPL & startup accelerator specialist