Successful Female Entrepreneur : Meet Katie Parker, Founder of Ticker

We love to celebrate women starting businesses every day at Tech Ready Women because for us, every new female founder who takes the leap into entrepreneurship and turns her idea into a startup or lifestyle business means we’re one more female founder closer our 5050 female founders goal!

Globally, a mere 16% of startups are founded or co-founded by women, and we’re on a mission to change that number!

This week we wanted to shine the light on a fellow female founder who has taken the leap from a corporate job to open her own startup and follow her passions. This female founder took her side hustle mainstream!

Meet Katie Parker, Founder of Ticker

Like many first time entrepreneurs, Katie had to overcome the fear of starting from scratch when she launched her business Ticker in 2017 . Ticker is an event planning business in Sydney, although Katie has solid plans to disrupt her industry with a platform that enables users to easily build events of all sizes from scratch. 

Katie is not only a driven entrepreneur, her experience working in the event space delivering top-shelf events ranging from Vivid Live Festival at the Sydney Opera House to concerts with Bon Iver, means she knows a thing or two about how to deliver a breathtaking event.  We’re looking forward to watching Katie’s success grow.

If you’re in need of a fantastic event planner in the Sydney area – get in touch with Katie today! You’d be hard-pressed to find another founder who can run events as seamlessly as Ticker do.

Happy International Women’s Day!

– Christie