Dijana Dragomirovic

What have you achieved from taking part in the Tech Ready course?

I have achieved a lot of things.  

I have gained greater confidence to realise my venture, as a result of the constant validation process. I feel as a result of validating, I have a solution that will solve a painful global problem.

I have a much better understanding of how to build an MVP and work with developers. I also have a better understanding on how to select and hire developers.   

The group of people including the women, the mentors, the Tech Ready team, the facilitators, and the calibre of the people involved in the Tech Ready program have really enriched the experience.


What is the name of your product and what is the problem it is trying to solve?

My product is called Wealth Hero. Wealth Hero is solving many different problems including: sabotaging habits, incorrect attitudes towards money, market and industry disinformation, wage stagnation and short term thinking when it comes to money and wealth management.

Did you have a startup or your business prior to this? If so, what is it and how far along are you now?

I cofounded a healthcare company in 2006 and existed a few months ago. Prior to this I founded a consultancy that specialised in strategy and marketing. At the present time my sole focus is on Wealth Hero.

What is your professional background? What have you been doing in your career leading up to this moment?

In terms of qualifications I have a degree in law, marketing, economics and an MBA. I am a huge advocate of learning. After completing undergrad, I went into the corporate spaced and climbed the ladder.

I worked in different industries such as Publishing, Finance, IT, Film and TV. During my corporate years I felt like I was a square peg who was being forced to adopt into a circle. I took the plunge and started my business, and haven’t looked back since.

I like building companies which make a difference to the lives of all my stakeholders but I do have to say the experience of discipline, high professional standards and thinking big as a result of working in the corporate arena has served me well.

Are you still in a full or part-time position, or are you working for yourself or stay-at-home?

I’m completely in startup mode and work from my lovely home office.

Why did you choose to do the Tech Ready Program?

I chose to do the Tech Ready Program for a few different reasons. I wanted to learn the process for how to build tech products. I also wanted to expand my network and meet incredible, authentic and talented people who are slaying it in their individual spaces.

I also did it for the supportive and structured program. I really liked the Tech Ready team and  they have been a phenomenal support system and very open in sharing and trustworthy. I also like the post program support and alumni group.

Why do you think the Tech Ready Program is so important and for who?

It’s a step by step guide on what to do and what not to do. And it builds your confidence and connects you with the right people. It’s supportive and a growing ecosystem. It teaches you how to think much more critically in the process of building your startup.

Tech Ready is important for women who have a desire to start a tech business and it feels like an exclusive club that gives confidence and resources to create those businesses.

What is the next part of your journey now TRP is done?

I feel like it’s never over, it’s just the next stage. I will keep building my empire but specifically launching my website and education platform. I have plans to launch my platform in October and by the end of the year, I will start testing the SAAS MVP.

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