Megan Gale

What is the name of your product and what is the problem it is trying to solve?

aupairtribe facilitates the matching of Aupairs and Host Families in Australia.  The main problem this two-sided marketplace experiences is a lack of transparency and safety via online platforms, as there are no regulations in place. The other alternative is using an agency, however, be prepared for expensive administration placement fees.  With both options less than satisfactory, we see more and more Aupairs and Host Families post on Facebook, seeking a quick and economical connection. However, going down this avenue, the exploitation of Aupairs is rife, and families have less than reasonable support.  aupairtribe will develop an engaging platform that focuses on the wellbeing of the Aupair and the requirements of the family’s childcare needs.


Did you have a startup or your business prior to this? If so, what is it and how far along are you now?

I had commenced a business plan, and launched a very basic website to encourage Aupair and Host Family sign ups.  With traction growing I knew I had to develop the idea and website further, and so the Tech Ready Program was the perfect fit to take designing the idea further.

What is your professional background? What have you been doing in your career leading up to this moment?

I am the International Training and Development Manager at Servcorp, accountable for creating and facilitating sales, management and leadership programs.  Having worked with Servcorp for 19 years and experienced various management positions within the company I have gained invaluable skills in managing a business with the aim that these skills will complement aupairtribe once established.  

Are you still in a full or part-time position, or are you working for yourself or stay-at-home?

I work full time, around the clock!

Why did you choose to do the Tech Ready Program?

I had a few gaps to fill, particularly around validating my idea, talking tech and engaging a developer.  Once I met Christie, the team and understood the network that I would have access to, it was a no brainer.

Why do you think the Tech Ready Program is so important and for who?

It’s certainly a program for women who have an idea, not sure where to start or who have started and need further direction or validation.  The Tech Ready Program takes you through all of the stages you need to consider with a startup, and while some topics may need to be explored beyond the program, the community and family you join is so supportive that I know I can tap into at any time.  

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